Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Love Lumpia

I was digging around my photo library and I saw this bowl of lumpia from last year and immediately my mouth started watering. Mix it with some hot chili sauce or Datu Puti coconut vinegar with soy sauce and I am good to go. I always think lumpia is very tedious to make. You roll up a bunch of these and put some in the freezer and pull 'em out whenever you get hungry for them directly into the deep fryer. You can buy the lumpia wrappers from any Asian food market. Make sure it contains the Lumpia Wrapper label and not eggroll wrapper. The traditional Chinese eggroll wrappers are thick as oppose to the lumpia wrappers which are very thin and annoying to separate from each other in the package. You can make them tiny by cutting the wrappers in half or use a full one. Lumpia is great when eaten with pansit or rice.

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